Reflections this Thanksgiving from Krishna Das

By November 22, 2017 Blog, Kirtan Wallah Foundation

November 22, 2017

Ram Ram

Poem by Namdev ~

I have delved into the four Vedas and drawn forth their hidden meaning;

I have churned the six philosophies and have extracted their essence

And learned the ultimate goal of Yogis and ascetics.

I have known the joy of merging in Brahm, the formless Lord.

Oh my friend, says Nama, I have transcended all this

Through the grace of the Saints.

Realize, realize my mind that the secret is the Lord’s love.


My Reflections ~

I am beginning to remember what it actually felt like, sitting with Him. The love that I felt was indescribable. I remember thinking that this feeling was higher than any experience that I could ever have of God. That it was the juice that dripped from the direct experience of reality. He was bathing in it all the time and a few drops would fall on us, by His grace. My intuition at the time was that this is what it will be like for me when I finish with achieving all that has to be achieved, realizing all that has to be realized. That when I finally know all that has to be known, I will be right back here with Him. My own stuff took me away from Him. My own heart is leading me back. On one level nothing has ever happened, there has been no place to go, even though I have been traveling for a long time.

The whole path will have been traveled within the vast and intimate presence of God, of the One, of my Guru, Neem Karoli Baba.

~ All Love



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