General Questions

What is kirtan?

Kirtans events are approximately 2-3 hours of call-and-response chanting with musical accompaniment. No prior experience is required.

What is a workshop?

Workshops are approximately 3-4 hours of call-and-response chanting, talks about the spiritual path, and a forum for questions and answers. Some workshops are done in collaboration with like-minded teachers.

What is a retreat?

Week long or weekend retreats are from 2-7 days sometimes done with like-minded hatha yoga or meditation teachers which include evening call-and-response chanting, and afternoon workshops. Because of the length of the retreat, it offers more time for the participant to dive deeper into the experience.

What does 'call and response' mean?

Call and response a style of singing in which a melody sung by one singer (usually the leader)  is responded to or echoed by the audience.

Will I be asked to 'join' anything?

No, there is nothing to join. You are free to come and listen to the singing or you can join in if you like. You are free to come and go as you please during our events.

How can I license Krishna Das music for my project?

It’s very important that formal permission be obtained from Krishna Das’ office. Certain fees are applicable. Please send an email to stating the name and nature of your project with the exact title of the track and album that you want to use.

Event Questions

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you are unable to attend an event, you are welcome to give your ticket to a friend.

What type of seating is provided?

Seating is General Admission, unless otherwise noted. It is always best to check the details of each event on our Events page for complete details. We often do mostly floor seating, with limited chair seating. Please bring a cushion to sit on for your comfort.

Are children allowed?

For kirtan:

We ask that if you bring small children, that you sit toward toward the back of the room to allow them space to move around and talk if they have to. no ticket necessary for the child under 7.

For workshops:

Workshops are not open to children twelve and under due to the quiet atmosphere and the subjects of discussion during the workshop.

Do children need a ticket?

Unless otherwise noted, for General Admission venues children under seven are admitted free with adult(s). No ticket necessary for the child.

How do I book Krishna Das for an event?

Please email Nina Rao, Krishna Das’ assistant for information about booking KD. She can be reached at